One of our Visiting Artists Maria Bips : Interview

Maria came in to teach the group different techniques with watercolor, she started the image above and ended up finishing it through our session at Aurora. There were many different mixed art media that we were introduced to. Like using oil pastels with the watercolor to create texture and protect the canvas from paint, or marker on top of watercolor to outline your images so they pop. A key idea that Maria mentioned during her time with us was that organic subjects were easier to form and that, “it would never look like the picture right, so just have fun with it!”

Art Heals

Dying these silk scarfs was a whole lotta fun! We used various dye tones and a thinner so the that when the scarf dried it wouldn’t harden. After a few days of drying … presto! A custom made scarf to hang up in your house or to accessorize with!