Birds Flying High, You Know How I Feel

There are many stages to pointillism, the key is to take it one dot at a time. During this session the group talked about the importance of focus and attention and taking things at our own pace. Each single dot takes time and it took each of these dots to make such a beautiful image come to life.

The Little Egg Nest

Heyyy! It’s me! Ha! Yes I did this wonderful (if I do say so myself) pointillism egg nest piece. Coming up with the colors and mixing those vibrant dots was a lot of fun! I picked inspired colors already in the picture from a random magazine and threw in some suprise tones for kicks!

One of our Visiting Artists Maria Bips : Interview

Maria came in to teach the group different techniques with watercolor, she started the image above and ended up finishing it through our session at Aurora. There were many different mixed art media that we were introduced to. Like using oil pastels with the watercolor to create texture and protect the canvas from paint, or marker on top of watercolor to outline your images so they pop. A key idea that Maria mentioned during her time with us was that organic subjects were easier to form and that, “it would never look like the picture right, so just have fun with it!”