Lori Greenberg

Lori Greenberg, M.Ed, is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, who has been working in the field of human services for over forty years. Her interest in people started at the age of 14, when she began spending her Saturdays with children with developmental disabilities. Her passion evolved into community support which has included: families and youth; people with HIV/AIDS; persons affected by trauma and concerns around the environment. While living in Vermont, Greenberg was an avid volunteer/supporter of the local monthly Gallery Walk, the annual Women’s Film Festival, the HEALS Expressive Arts Loss Support Program, the AIDS Project of Southern Vermont and Brattleboro Community Radio. She moved to Asheville in 2010 and founded Aurora Studio & Gallery in May of 2012, where she has spent the last nine years developing its workshops.

Maribeth Collins – info forthcoming.

Tracey Turner, posing with the Emotion Project Bears

Tracey Turner, writes, “I live with a mental illness.  I am proud of saying that. Proud because I live well and fully and consciously. And proud of saying it because there is a power that comes with being able to. I am a writer. I had a career as a freelance writer for advertising, speeches, videos and such and retired after 32 years. I am a writer still. I love words and art. 

I finally got a diagnosis for my illness some time after my move to Asheville and found a wonderful therapist. I started working out my issues by creating a series, ultimately 32, of stuffed bears that I embellished to express a given emotion, as I experience it. I learned and, then, presented to other people that we rarely experience just one emotion at a time. Rather, we experience a number of emotions. It is The Emotion Project. “Connecting the general public with the mental ill through the common denominator of feelings.”

I am also a recovering alcoholic. Much to my surprise when I came into recovery, I had this new energy to volunteer. This is what I bring to Aurora Studio and Gallery. I see, through my observation and experience, that the program effects change into pride and joy and surprise at our ability to express. It is empowering. Expression to the world outside of mental health is a learning experience for others. We have amazing stories to tell and, in our ability to tell them, we open the world’s eyes.”

Resident Artist

Kyley Shurona

Kyley Shurrona – Some call it luck, some call it God… or the universe itself, but on April 8th 2019 when I met Lori, they were all in my favor. From the time I became volunteer for Aurora, each second spent there has been a gift. As volunteer I assist in the coordination and execution of Aurora, helping beautiful people discover ways to grow, feel the freedom of expression, and become empowered regardless of traumatic/unhealthy circumstances. Little do they know, as someone diagnosed with depression and PTSD, being there with the group, beside others, creating and feeling… does much more for me than I could have ever anticipated.

I hold a love for expression and truth at my foundation, and from that, the creation of art was the first thing I heeded. “Artist” has been tied to me from about 5 years old. I have a great deal of experience working with those who are disabled and affected by mental illness. My ambition grew even more since meeting Lori, who embodies many of the same passions I hold. My business, called Kyley’s Faces, is a dedication to advocacy and helping provide people with the recourses they need to prosper and find their truth. Check it out! And find more about me at https://www.kyleysfaces.com/


Special Events

Carol Anders

Carol Anders retired in 2006, from a 20 plus year  career with Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, a national real estate relocation and real estate company. My duties included training real estate agents and sales managers in selling skills, and  using franchise products & services. In addition, I  was a business consultant to many of our mid-sized companies, coaching them in recruiting and team development practices. I was able to travel to 48 states, meet many interesting, passionate affiliates.

Clinical Advisor

Evie Lindemann

Evie Lindemann, ATR-BC, ATCS, LMFT, is a licensed marriage & family therapist and a board certified art therapist, and until recently she has been an Associate Professor in the Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling Program at Albertus Magnus College. She also taught at Yale University’s  Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute of Bioethics for seven years. Deeply influenced by the teachings of Meher Baba, Evie has lived and worked in Afghanistan, Israel, and India. She has implemented humanitarian art therapy projects in India, Jamaica, and the US. She is active in hospice care, teaches courses on mortality, and uses the visual arts to facilitate the inward journey. Additionally, she has worked with combat veterans who have complex trauma, using art therapy as a modality for healing. She has studied the Jungian tradition extensively and is certified as an Archetypal Pattern Analyst. She is a printmaking artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. For some years, Evie has worked with mandalas as a symbol of wholeness, has taught a system of symbols and colors (the MARI) to clinicians around the world, and offers consultations to individuals and groups interested in depth exploration using the MARI as a tool of integration. She also served as a board member on one of the oldest arts organizations on the East coast, the New Haven Paint and Clay Club. Ms. Lindemann will be Aurora Studio & Gallery’s clinical consultant.