Aurora Studio Coronavirus Update

Lori Greenberg

During this pandemic volunteers from Aurora Studio continue to reach out to its Artists. Over the last two weeks participants have received care packages of art supplies to help alleviate stress during this time of quarantine. All have gotten phone calls, having a friendly “Hello in there”, during his time of greater isolation is meaningful to all of us who are homebound. 

Last week, Aurora Studio partnered with the Youth Villages Life Set Program to host two on line art groups. The intention of the groups was to come together and help reduce stress through discussion and art. The groups were co-facilitated by Kyley Shurrona and Lori Greenberg and focused on lessons that we are all learning from the pandemic. Below is the list of lessons that the group decided they would like to take with them into the future as part of this experience.


  • Learning to slow down.
  • Learning how to be alone.
  • Learning how to live with myself.
  • Becoming more self aware.
  • Realizing that not everything goes your way and that it’s good to find a balance.
  • Learning how to listen to others.
  • Appreciating the meditative quality/time.
  • Learning to express one’s feelings through art.
  • Witnessing all the care people are sharing with others.
  • Appreciating the little things.
  • Working on patience.
  • Remembering to reach out to others – especially those who are homeless.
  • Remembering to connect with others, especially elders.
  • Trying to stay active (and away from too much movie/tv/video/computer habits). 
  • Creating balance – looking at self care, eating well, exercise.
  • Becoming a person of substance.
  • Using this time of isolation to rethink and grow.
  • Appreciating the simple things, simple moments, being able to hug.

As I look at this list, I believe each of us can find a personal lesson from these youth, ages 17-21. It helps me feel like the future for our world is in good hands, reading their messages brings me hope.

Aurora Studio board members and volunteers, plan to take this time of quarantine to continue reaching out to members of our community to help keep with our mission. That mission is to provide a supportive art studio for artists who have experienced mental health issues, addiction or homelessness. Aurora Studio offers a safe environment with facilitators and visiting artists that enhances personal growth through the visual arts. We are utilizing this time to incorporate ways in which we can reach varying segments of the community and build a greater infrastructure. 

If you are interested in learning more about what we do, I encourage you to contact me, Lori Greenberg at . If you are interested in donating supplies, email me. If you would like to make a donation, one can be made on line at:

We will all continue to heal through ongoing conversation, support and love.

Thank you so much,

Lori Greenberg, M.Ed, LCAS

Board Chair/Founder of Aurora Studio