Thanks to our interns, Venea King, Jackson McMahon, Addie Starbird & Alice Cleary.

I want to take a moment and say THANK YOU to our wonderful UNCA interns, Alice Cleary, Venea King, Jackson McMahon and Addie Starbird who have completed a semester with Aurora Studio. Each has shared their gifts of creativity and kindness with our program.

Over the course of the semester Alice has helped with food donations and prepped our lunches (we have never eaten so well). She has networked with area businesses for future art exhibits AND together with Venea they have both helped to host our groups (welcoming participants and offering poetic readings). Venea has started this blog, sharing photos of artists work and interviews with our Visiting Artists. Jackson has helped create this new web-site (there is still some fine tuning, but we are well on our way, thanks to his work). He also taught a fun class on creating small sculptures with scrap wood. Addie, another artist has helped with graphic arts and is creating an animation from the work of one of our artists. The animation will be released on the web-site come mid-summer so stay tuned!

I wish each and every one of them the best as they either continue with their education or move on into their careers. It is not good-bye however as Addie and Jackson have agreed to come back next year through our Visiting Artist Program. Venea would like to volunteer and Alice has agreed to continue as an Intern again in the fall. We are all very lucky.

There are some other canvases on the easels at Aurora. We are continuing to branch out and network with other organizations. Since this winter we have been partnering with Seek Healing, bringing an art table to their monthly gatherings. We also have been working with WNCAP and are in the process of developing some groups for interested individuals. We are continuing our outreach, so that we may offer more therapeutic art programs starting this fall. If you work at a recovery program and are interested in learning more, contact Lori at for more info.

Wishing you all the beauty found in creativity and community,


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